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GlutaGlow Story

GlutaGlow Story

The First Fairness Drink in India!

One step closer to Have Healthy, Glowing Skin.

Problem:- Janice , a small town girl from Delhi had dreams of becoming a well known fashion designer. She loved designing different outfits. As she started getting into the industry, she started getting comments on her tanned colour & therefore she started feeling inferior about herself. She tried many of the skin lightening treatments, but not much it made a difference. She did not have all the time & energy to spend in clinic & beauty parlours anymore. She was an independent working woman. She felt very disheartened.  

Even though she was a good & hardworking fashion designer, She somewhere did not feel confident to meet new people & show all her artworks.  

Soultion:- Gluta-glow just in the market & she was informed about Gluta-Glow effervescent tablets by one of her Skin doctors. Gluta-glow is an effervescent tablet which contains Glutathione & VitC both in it. It needs to be had in a glass of water empty stomach before food. It is simple, easy & taste like orange drink, could be carried along where ever she had to travel.

Day by day she felt a difference.  Being an immunity booster, she felt more energetic as ever. Her skin texture & colour improved with time. Pigments reduced. Now she had to no more feel inferior about its self & there was more of confidence while she displayed & contour faced interviews. She then received calls offering her better opportunities & prospects.