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  • Glutathione - body’s master antioxidant
  • involved in detoxification
  • Neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals.
  • Supports immune system
  • Studies show that Glutathione acts as a Tyrosinase Inhibitor.
  • Tyrosinase is an enzyme that catalyzes the biosynthesis of melanin which is the culprit for skin darkening

Glutathione acts as a A I D

  • A - Antioxidants,
  • I - Immune system boosters and
  • D - Detoxification

Vitamin C

  • It is essential antioxidant
  • Most essential Vitamin in our body.
  • Not produced in the body.
  • All Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C.
  • Promotes healthy skin, nails & bones.
  • Essential for utilization of Iron in the body.
  • Deficiency: skin diseases like scurvy, pale & rough skin and white & dark patches on body.

A Glutathione efficacy in skin whitening works only if it is taken with Vitamin C at least equal or twice its dosage. So if you’re taking 500mg of glutathione, Vitamin C should be at least 1000mg.

  • Vitamin C boosts glutathione levels in the blood.
  • Vitamin C and glutathione have a unique relationship
  • Vitamin C reduces glutathione back to the active form. In its active form, glutathione will regenerate vitamin C from its oxidized state.

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