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Vivika Jain

I purchased Glutaglow for its uniqueness as an effervescent form of glutathione. I could feel my skin softer brighter internally I feel more energetic. This is the 5th week of tablets and my skin is become much even in tone & texture. I am really looking forward to continue.

Nivedita Shroff

Hi, I thank Tender Skin for coming with a different idea of effervescent tablet of glutaglow. I use it. Since then, I am feeling better in terms of energy. I do not feel weak as earlier. My hair fall is reduced. Pigmentation on cheeks has also become lighter. Overall my complexion has turned one shade lighter.


My Skin texture really improved. Acne is gone, Pigments reduced. In the beginning not much I could see but as days passed by I could get compliments from many about my skin complexion looking brighter and better as ever. It was much smoother. It not only gave me a smooth skin but also boosted my immunity. I recommend it to all, its very safe!

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